Firm Profile

In 2013, Adelson & Company PC celebrated 75 years of providing quality certified public accounting services to its clients in Western Massachusetts and surrounding regions.  Upon obtaining this milestone, and with the addition of David Irwin, Jr. as a director, the Company changed its name back to Adelson & Company PC (formerly Adelson Moynihan Kowalczyk PC, since 2007).

The current Directors of the Company are:

Vincent T. Viscuso, CPA

Gary J. Moynihan, CPA

Carol Leibinger-Healey, CPA

David M. Irwin, CPA

Adelson Moynihan Kowalczyk PC was formed on January 1, 2007 as a result of a merger between the accounting firms of Adelson & Company, P.C. and Moynihan & Kowalczyk, P.C.  The merger represented an important step in the growth of both firms and reinforced the shared long-held strategy to build a strong independent local firm.

The firm of Adelson & Company traces its roots back to Benjamin Wolfe who began an accounting practice in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1938. In 1949 he was joined by Gordon J. Adelson and then Seymour Schwartz in 1958.  In 1968 Richard Jette entered the firm, followed by Richard LaFleche in 1973 and Vincent Viscuso in 1978.

Moynihan & Kowalczyk, P.C. was established in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on January 1, 1995 by Gary J. Moynihan, CPA. The firm grew steadily and rapidly, and during January 2002 a satellite office was opened in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

The current directors now form the core of an organization that consists of 20 accounting and administrative staff members which includes 10 certified public accountants.  Adelson & Company PC maintains offices at 100 North St., Pittsfield and 21 Mechanic St., Great Barrington.

Adelson & Company PC is a leading certified public accounting firm in the Berkshire region, and the largest CPA firm in Berkshire County, offering services in accounting and auditing, tax planning and compliance, data processing and computer selection and support. The Company also provides management advisory services, offering short and long range plans for improving efficiency and profitability, as well as other services.

The Company's skilled and accomplished professional staff provides important technical and advisory advantages.  Its range of services is one of the most comprehensive in the area, and the Company is well known for its advanced technological capabilities.

Adelson & Company PC focuses on 4 primary sectors in the service it offers: commercial, governmental, non-profit and professional.  Approximately 50% of the Company's business is in traditional accounting and tax services and 45% in auditing.  The balance is divided among other professional services.

The Company serves clients throughout the Berkshire region including Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, and Northwest Connecticut, as well as clients in Eastern New York, and throughout the Northeast.  Adelson & Company PC has invested significantly in new computer equipment to expand its accounting, auditing and advisory service capabilities, increase productivity, and reduce the amount of time required for specific tasks.  During the coming year, the Company will continue to invest in its technological capabilities, principally in new software and the equipment needed to expand its business.

Our strategy to further our growth objectives includes:

   •  Maintaining our leadership position in the Berkshire region

   •  Continuing to expand technological capabilities

   •  Focus on key client segments which provide opportunities of mutual benefit

   •  Constantly reviewing staff expansion opportunities to support our key market and growth objectives

All work performed on behalf of our clients is under the personal supervision of one of our directors. We believe the wide range of knowledge and experience of our staff is -- and will continue to be -- our greatest strength.  Continuity of service to clients is assured both by the long association of the directors, and by the high caliber of our staff.

We have an extensive, modern and efficient research library, which provides the Company with significant informational benefits and supports our efforts to bring the most advanced resources to our clients, and we support a comprehensive professional development program.

The firm's general objectives, or basic philosophy, are summarized as follows:

   •  To provide the highest possible quality of service to our clients;

   •  To help solve our clients' business problems at a reasonable cost;

   •  To provide our personnel with challenging opportunities for personal and professional growth and development;

   •  To provide a pleasant and rewarding working environment for our personnel;

   •  To make meaningful contributions to the improvement of our community and our profession;

   •  To continue to grow, but to retain our personal approach to client service, and;

   •  To always conduct our practice in a highly professional, ethical and objective manner.

In summary, Adelson & Company PC is an accounting firm that seeks to balance the best of professional practice with the understanding that the services we provide comprise both a science and an art, and that the level of personal service and professional experience we provide is our greatest strength.